Three bathroom - master en-suite, guest and 2nd bedroom- remodelling in Southridge, Downtown , Dubai together with Bagno Design tiles . Some major changes were made in few bathrooms, beautiful tiles and sanitaries installed. We were limited to make big changes  as per developer regulations but managed to get a wow effect in all three bathrooms!

bathroom renovation dubai downtown

Work in progress ..

2nd bathroom remodelling and reconstruction, design dubai

guest WC remodelling and redesigning bathroom in Dubai

Master bathroom en-suite
Elegant, chick and luxurious, just as client asked. Used: Italian tiles: flooring: light grey stone 30x60cm and 90x120cm (shower area); Walls: off white tiles 30x60cm; mosaic 3D 30x30; 90x120cm. Huge mirror trough big wall to make the space look bigger. Beautiful shower area with 3d tiles on the shower wall; multifunctional shower mixer.

Bathroom remodelling white grey and black Downtown Southridge

Bathroom design and remodelling dubai southridge

Bathroom design and remodelling dubai southridge interior decor

bathroom remodelling renovations dubai malta interior decor design bathroom remodelling renovations dubai malta

Complete 2nd bedroom en-suite.
Used: Italian tiles 45x90cm from Bagnodesign, Jotun Crystal coral painted walls; walk-in shower with a slope instead of bathtub.

Bathroom renovations, remodelling, upgrade dubai

Pebble decor tile for bathroom Bagno design dubai, bathroom renovation/remodelling

Bagno bathroom remodelling design renovation Downtown

bathroom renovation and remodelling with Bagno design dubai

Guest bathroom remodelling/renovation.
Moved the WC little bit to create some storage space; relocated the washbasin. Used 3 different type chocolate brown tiles: 60×60 on the floor and first 2 tiles up the wall; 30×60 decor tile and completed with 30×60 plain tile.  Freestanding marble basin; stainless steel accessories. One wall painted with Jotun ‘Breese’ painting special effect (rough paint beige/brown brush). Bathroom renovation / remodelling Dubai downtown Dubai bathroom remodelling renovation southridge downtown Bathroom renovation / remodelling Dubai downtown