Garden/Pools/Pergolas/Gazebo/Fake grass/Water features/Garden lighting/Irrigation and more .

For more details about pools, landscaping, pergolas, garden cladding, fake grass, garden design and more..

For design ideas please contact ReDécor

For a fithout/contracting, pool and maintenance contact Pak Gulf

Pools(click for more)

Villa garden upgrade, stone on facade, decor tiling, patio travertine, lighting jumeirah islands dubai

                                   Small garden rearrangement

Family villa in Meadows. Garden organising, new lighting solutions, irrigation system, fruit and vegetable gardens, pergola, repainting the villa, new garden tiles, water feature, restored outdoor furniture, custom made mosaic outdoor table top and more..

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Landscaped garden with waterfall in Villa Lantana , South of Barsha (click for more pictures)

Garden with fire pit

Small cozy terrace garden in Greens

garden decor upgrade greens dubai interior landscaping decor design small garden in greens dubai

Garden in Springs, reorganising, small veggie/fruit corner and flowers flowers

interior design landscaping decor landscaping dubai interior design decor

The garden below was done in Old town, Dubai.
Request from the client was to make it simple, chic, easy to take care garden that requires little attention but looks green all year around.

garden plan landscaping dubai old town

Small garden in Greens tidening up (click for more)

garden in greens, interior , design, consultation, Dubai

International city. One owner owned building. The garden outside the building needed a good hand. Low budget garden improvement

garden landscaping du low budget

2nd before

3rd before

low budget garden upgrade


Organising a small garden in Al Bada’a (click for more)

small garden landscaping and organising dubai small garden landscaping and organising dubai