Common kitchen design mistakes.

When renovating kitchen, don’t think you  know all and you can just do it, there are too many details and things involved and it’s very easy just with one tiny mistake to ruin it all.. Hire a consultant to put the things together, it will save you time and stress after!

Cabinet depth

I am so tired to hear that the 600mm is the standard minimum depth your cabinet. WHO told you so?????? At this depth you are limiting your options for sink and tapware and reducing your storage space. If you have the space and the budget, why not go wider and give yourself more storage depth? Depth can go as deep as 700mm or little as 400mm!

 Not allowing enough space for fridge doors to open… oh , dear, this that I am really tired of..

I see a lot of kitchen shop ‘designs’ that plan for our customers and even architects, where fridge is placed right up against the wall or box!  On paper this position looks ideal, however in practice this is far from it… The problem lies with opening the door. In this position, it can only open 90 degrees with the fridge handle hitting the wall (If you lucky to open it). To make this matter worse, most refrigerators require doors that open more than 90 degrees in order to access the crisper and to remove shelves for cleaning. To avoid this, you can increase the width of the refrigerator niche (not a tidy look and space inefficient), place a tall cabinet between the wall and refrigerator.


One of the best things in kitchen design has been the shift from cupboards to drawers for storage. Just love it! A kitchen of drawers creates a more flexible, functional and ergonomic space, easy access those far away corners.

 Only focusing on looks

We do plan kitchen for function not only style. You must identify:  your preparation area, cooking area and washing area. Make sure they reflect how you want to use your kitchen, and don’t be restricted by conventional kitchen layouts or any rules.

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