Girlie Rooms Interior decor.

 I say less is more. In design psychology class we were thought not to put too much pink in a girls bedroom because it forces girls to grow up too quickly… It’s completely your decision to use it or not, I suggest accent with pink if you decide to use it, that way you won’t see pink overload every day! I think you should always paint a room a more neutral color and just change the accents in the room.  Parents should be more open minded with what a child’s favourite colour might be. Boys don’t always love blue and girls don’t always love pink. I would never tell my child no on the basis of color, but more options for our children would make for a more gender neutral childhood. If the girl likes pink now you can add pink accents to the room and in a few years she may change her mind and love purple. Having a neutral wall you would just have to change the curtains, bedding and other accents in the room.

Blue, grey, white                 Butterfly room              Pink and grey

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                    Toddler play area                      Beautiful toddler and infant room                     Grey, chalkboard, mint green room 

              Lots of light in kids room, gypsum ceiling, chalkboard wall, wallpaper, decor, design dubai

Brown pink girlie room                        Blue yellow combo                   Room with Unicorns


                                                       Butterfly rooms!-  Pale grey pink                                         Purple pink rainbow  


Lovely purple                                                               Teenagers room decor


 Purple pink and grey room                     Pink purple and white room 

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Organised bedroom for 4 kids           A pink yellow white room for twin girls 

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