Nursery/toddlers rooms for girls and boys, twins and mixed. Planning and decorating a nursery can be pretty overwhelming. When decorating a room, firstly we take into consideration that a baby won’t be just sleeping in his nursery; he will be playing, learning, growing and discovering there too, so you can expect that everything will be ‘tasted’, touched just about everything in sight. That’s why we love creating rooms as environmentally-safe spaces. A traditional, matching nursery isn’t for everyone, which is why we love these out-of-the-box and creative spaces, mix of playful, eclectic and totally cute.

A room for a baby girl                                                Light grey and tiffany baby boy room

baby girl room with lime green purple pink      

Toddler and infant bedroom

Simple but cute baby boy room

baby boy room decor ideas dubai                WP_20130205_012

Nursery interior decor for a new born

beautiful nursery for a boy