Remodeling or renovating? What is the difference? Remodeling – change the structure, layout when Renovating is to restore to good condition or look fresher, do some repairs.
Sometimes can be only lighting solutions, or adding few details which can change all view of this room. When remodeling a kitchen, misery may love company, but what we all crave is a happy ending—a smart-looking, functional workspace that is a source of comfort, efficiency, and maybe a little neighborly envy. To help you get there, here you will find a handy guide to some common kitchen-remodeling disasters and offer expert strategies for steering clear of them. Take our advice, and your biggest regret when your dream kitchen is complete will be that you didn’t do it sooner. Don’t rush. Remember,The best designer are worth waiting for. The best contractors tend to be the busiest ones. Build your schedule around the GC of your dreams, not vice versa.

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Downtown – residences             Fairways, the Greens

JBR – Rimal

Business Bay – AG tower

Sidra 1, Dubai Hills

dubai hills villa fitout, renovations, design, decor, styling villas, kids rooms

Arabian ranches, Terranovavilla renovations, kitchen designs, dubai fitout, remodeling

Anantara, Palm Jumeirah

Jumeirah islands outdoor kitchen

The Green Community (east)                                The Greens (ghaf)                      

The Greens (Fairways)                                        The Springs 3M


              Mirdif uptown                                                Ocean View, Dubai Marina

     The Greens (Fairways)                                   Business Bay, Executive towers

JVC, Indigo villas                                                      The (old) Greens (al Jaz)


Emirates crown, Dubai Marina

Arabian Ranches                                                       The Greens, Travo


Marina quays, Dubai Marina

Saheel, Arabian Ranches

Fairways, The Greens

Lakes villa

Mirdif Uptown                                                           Kitchen with aquarium   



                                  Complete remodelling modern kitchen in Victory Heights                       Small, closed, white with blue kitchen

old kitchen upgrade in Dubai, tecom Two towers . Fit out, turn key, design kitchen, Small change big difference          Franke rangehood, kitchen remodelling grey and white kitchen
           Kitchen renovation and upgrade (beige with white)   Remodelled to luxurious modern grey and white combo kitchen

white kitchen with corian orange backsplash and white poppy counter, design          Furjan villas kitchen remodelling, before and after kitchen remodelling, off white with blue corian, Furjan villas, Dubai design and consultation
                         Walnut, white with orange kitchen                  Beautiful blue with white kitchen

organised kitchen ceiling, wood looking floor tiles for the kitchen, modern tiles, grey patterns, Kitchen remodeling in Old Greens, dubai, design and consultation, wooden kitchen counter, floor wood looking tiles                   brown modern kitchen, before after kitchen in Greens, design, remodelling, dubai

                    Corner hob, glossy white with wooden counter              Dark brown with white combo


design and kitchen remodeling, consultation Dubai, white kitchen                      black modern sharp kitchen, remodelling Dubai, design and decor by Erika Pace, consultation

                           White kitchen with black counter                      Black solid kitchen with grey


old kitchen remodelling in Meadows, Dubai, construction, turn key solutions, white ceramic tiles with stainless steel decor                   fitting new kitchen, kitchen fit out, dubai, design, remodelling, renovations, greens, fairways, modern kitchen

Modern oak kitchen with white corian             White kitchen with off white stone


renovated kitchen in greens, dubai, design, colours, grey kitchen Dubai design, decor consultation                   modern black ikea kitchen, remodelling, dubai by erika pace, decor and design, consultation

                          Renovated to grey looks kitchen                 Modern black with yellow backsplash glass

kitchen remodelling Dubai, interior design, consultation                   Dubai kitchen remodelling Interior decor

                                        White U shape kitchen with wooden counter                                Glossy grey with grey corian


knobs , bras, kitchen remodelling dubai marina majara, design erika pace, renovation, white, chalk wall                  marina crown dubai, dubai marina, kitchen remodelling, design, renovation, al meera kitchen, corian

               Modern shabby chic                                         Beautiful washed blue with corian

kitchen modern motorcity dubai fitout, remodelling, design, off white, handles, ceiling hood                   copy

Modern off white L shape                                                  Grey and white with marble counter


kitchen fit out dubai, dubai bathroom fit out, remodelling, Master, 2nd bedroom and guest room bathroom remodelling, fitout dubai, bathroom fitout, design, consultation, practical, sliding shower doors, mirror cabinets, modern style               Dubai fit out kitchen remodelling renovation design old greens kitchen remodelling design consultation

 New modern kitchen in the villa             Modern white with lots of light

remodelling-kitchen-french-decor-dubai fit out , modern ikea kitchen with wooden counter in springs       kitchen remodelling fitout dubai, modern kitchen executive towers, business bay kitchen, stone counters, island kitchen, corner storage, built in washing machine
Kitchen with french decor                Modern white glossy and wood mix



Walnut with white kitchen                                                              Upgrade


Small kitchen transformation                                           Complete remodelling


Jumeirah islands – upgrade by wrapping


Jumeirah Heights - 2 kitchen upgrades



kitchen upgrade, Dubai interiors, decor, design consultationkitchen upgrades, renovation, tiling
                                   Kitchen renovation                               Small upgrade

kitchen ideas transformation decor               kitchen1

Small changes, wine rack, additional storage

Renovation and upgrades of kitchen in DIFC

kitchen upgrade, renovation DUFC Central park, Dubai design and decor consultation


new kitchen design dubai fairways north greens              dining kitchen

viewKitchen              new open kitchen fairways north greens dubai design


Small upgrade : lights, storage

kitchen renovation, upgrade, dubai, tecom, madisson, white kitchen design, wine rack, bar lights


kitchen design Malta Dubai, remodelling                custom made blue kitchen, with spanish tiling, Malta interiors

                                White custom made kitchen                       Blue custom made kitchen