Large 1 bedroom apartment

Decorating and upgrading the living room with false ceiling and extra lighting, tailor made peaces of furniture, curtains, bedding.

2D 3D floorplans

Floor plan for 1 bedroom apartment

bedroom design, decor

The bedroom: tailor made curtains with pelmet, bedding, carpet and upholstered chair

interior design dubai, bedroom decor bedroom interior dubai, tailor made

fabric for curtain and cushions                 20130619_173221

20130808_115435 beautiful bedroom decor

Modern classy bedroom decor dubai bedroom design JLT movenpick

tailor made upholstered chair

false ceiling fitting dubai house improvement, false ceiling

Installation of false ceiling with extra LED and spotlights

3D interior decor ideas living room decor

1. 3D view with chosen by client items                      2. In process