Studio split by partition/wardrobe into separate living/sleeping spaces

When I received this large studio, the first thing that came to my mind to separate living, sleeping spaces as flat was large enough and size almost as good one bedroom apartment. Big windows trough all apartment was an advantage as both spaces – living and sleeping – had enough light even after building the partition. The apartment came without fitted wardrobes, so I made one ‘wall’ (partition) as a wardrobe with sliding doors from both sides, which made it easier to access clothes from the ‘bedroom’ or corridor side. ( Click here to watch video of this complete flat).

Floor plan before                                                                Floor plan after

floor plan before interior design               studio tecom madisson after transformation dubai

View from the entrance  – sliding door wardrobe with mirror door

studio idea decor dubai                IMG_1847

Living and “bedroom” areas separated by partition

sitting               room change over dubai interior

Bedroom with partition/wardrobe

bedroom change over dubai design             bedroom transformed dubai madison interiore